Mechanical Assemblies, Weldments & More

High quality metal assemblies

Quality assemblies provided by FBSC.

Precision stamped, heat treated & welded tiller tine assemblies

Stamped, heat-treated, welded assembly produced by FBSC

Fisher Barton South Carolina (FBSC) offers a variety of in-house services to produce completed assemblies with a number of value-added features for our customers. Our precision stamping processes, heat treating services, robotic welding capabilities, and more make Fisher Barton South Carolina the finest all-in-one production facility for stamped metal parts and components in the Southeast.

By offering all of our exceptional services under one roof, FBSC can offer complete precision stamped heat treated and welded assemblies to meet our customers’ needs. We can produce mechanical assemblies, weldments, and more, in high volumes at competitive rates. Fisher Barton South Carolina has the capabilities to create even the most complex value-added components to match any project’s requirements.

Additionally, FBSC maintains outside partnerships that allow us to offer surface treatments for completed components, including e-coating, electroplating, and powder coating. We also offer special packaging services for finished assemblies, as required. Fisher Barton South Carolina also offers kitting for completed assemblies or for the components of those assemblies.

Fisher Barton South Carolina’s precision stamped heat treated and welded assemblies deliver the best value in fabricated metal parts that you’ll find anywhere. Our unique manufacturing  capabilities will speed up your production processes while reducing costs and ensuring overall quality. Contact FBSC for further information about complete, all-in-one assembly processes.