In House Heat Treating Services

High volume in house heat treating

High volume automated austempering at the premier heat-treating facility in the SE United States.

Heat treating metals by austempering processes

FBSC Manual and automated austempering.

Fisher Barton South Carolina (FBSC) offers superior in-house heat treating services through our austempering processes. We are the largest metal heat treating facility in the Southeastern United States. FBSC has made major investments to increase the capacity of our heat treating system, allowing us to run high volumes of parts and components through our highly-automated, computer controlled austempering processes.

The Fisher Barton family of companies employs seven certified metallurgists with high levels of expertise in heat treating metals. Our metallurgists recognized the benefits of the austempering process, and devised FBSC’s complete austempering system. Our austempering system starts with the submergence of a part in a liquid-salt bath, which is heated until it reaches the ideal austentizing temperature; the part is then moved directly to a salt quench which rapidly cools the part. A special rust preventative is applied after the austempering process is completed.

FBSC’s austempering process has many advantages over conventional oil quench and temper heat treating processes. Austempering creates less distortion and imparts uniform and consistent hardness. Austempered components are tougher and more wear resistant, and feature higher impact and fatigue strength. Austempering also greatly increases components’ resistance to hydrogen embrittlement.

Fisher Barton South Carolina’s austempering process is further enhanced by the use of our patented, boron-rich base materials. The high boron composition of these materials creates better through-hardness and incredibly high Rockwell scale levels for treated components.

Our large capacity salt tank allows us to process large amounts of mass through the austempering system quickly and efficiently. We have engineered our own rack tooling to further optimize the capacity of our tanks, making the entire process still more efficient. All of the salt and fluids used in our austempering processes are recycled after use, as part of Fisher Barton South Carolina’s environmentally friendly Green Initiative.

We encourage all our customers to utilize our unique metallurgy resources and take advantage of our in-house heat treating capabilities. Our austempering system offers an effective solution to reduce material weight while increasing strength and durability. By heat treating metals after fabrication, and combining this process with our other outstanding services, Fisher Barton South Carolina can offer our customers highest quality, complete, heat treated welded assemblies at reasonable costs.

Fisher Barton South Carolina’s austempering process is the finest heat treatment method for metals available today. Contact FBSC to learn more about austempering and its many distinct advantages over traditional heat treating processes.