Heavy Truck Parts & Components

Smart truck delivery processes

FBSC manufactures components for improved fuel economy.

FBSC brake assemblies are safety critical components.

Fisher Barton South Carolina (FBSC) manufactures superior quality stamped metal parts and components for the heavy truck industry. Our all-in-one production facility includes high tonnage presses, computer automated laser cutting equipment, heat treating systems, and more to fabricate components from the heavier-gauge steels that heavy truck manufacturers need.

Our in-house tool & die engineers can help redesign components for more cost effective production and ease of manufacturing. Fisher Barton South Carolina also offers our unique austempering process, using boron-rich construction materials, to add strength and durability to stamped metal parts while decreasing the parts’ weight. Austempered products are lighter, stronger, and less expensive than non-treated components.

In many cases, Fisher Barton South Carolina can offer dock-to-stock delivery programs, as well as dropshipping to send your completed parts directly to another company or customer in your supply line. With our in-house quality assurance lab, we can eliminate the need to ship parts back to their origin point—your facility—for inspection. This streamlines your overall production process and helps get components to their end destinations faster. FBSC also employs Kanban stocking systems, returnable container shipping and other customized packaging and delivery programs.

We have the capabilities to develop rapid prototypes through our laser cutting and metal forming processes. FBSC also maintains outside partnerships to offer plating, e-coating, and powder coating for completed components, to enhance corrosion resistance and durability. From the first prototyped part to coating of the completed production run, Fisher Barton South Carolina can do it all.

Fisher Barton South Carolina utilizes laser cutting, automated press brake forming, progressive dies and stamping processes to create top quality heavy truck components at high production volumes. By performing the entire manufacturing process under one roof, and offering a number of time-saving delivery options, we are able to deliver the parts and components you need at quick turnaround times and low overall cost. Contact FBSC to put our heavy truck manufacturing processes to work for your company.