Industrial Manufacturing Processes

Bearing cage by precison robotic welding

Turn to FBSC when precision counts.

Various bracket, metal stamped parts

FBSC offers simple to complex fabrications.

For our industrial clients, Fisher Barton South Carolina (FBSC) manufactures everything from lower volume parts utilizing our laser fabrication and brake press capabilities to high volume components requiring thicker and/or heat treated materials. Our stamped metal parts are ideally suited for use in construction, railroad, and numerous other industrial areas.

FBSC’s high tonnage press capabilities make it possible for us to stamp parts from greater-thickness materials. Our progressive die technology allows us to manufacture parts that meet the most exacting specifications of the industrial sector.

Our fully-automated “lights out” sheet metal laser cutting facility employs specially programmed computer software to manufacture laser-cut components. This system delivers high volume, low cost production. Fisher Barton South Carolina’s press brake metal stamping processes utilize automated gauge transfer technology, eliminating scrap parts and greatly reducing waste. In-house austempering processes, using boron-rich base materials, allow FBSC to create higher strength, lighter weight components for all industrial applications.

Fisher Barton South Carolina also offers superior welding capabilities. We utilize state-of-the-art robotic welding equipment to deliver high quality welds and efficient operation. FBSC’s robotic welding processes use Panasonic 6-axis and ABB milled welders. We also use resistance welders for projection and spot welding, handheld systems for MIG and TIG welding, and rotary welders for various needs and applications. Our robotic welding facility uses semi- and fully-automated robots to weld a wide range of materials, including steel, stainless steel, high- and low-carbon steel, aluminum, and more.

Our metal parts stamping and assembly facilities give us the advantageous ability to stamp, heat treat, and weld components all under one roof. Contact Fisher Barton South Carolina for more information about our industrial manufacturing processes.