Lawn & Garden Components & Subcomponents

Metal fabricated parts for commercial mower parts

FBSC manufactures a variety of metal fabrications from small components to mower decks.

Tiller tine metal fabricated parts

Assemblies make FBSC your one-stop shop.

Custom metal stamped edger blade

Components available in high volume or in packaging.

Fisher Barton South Carolina (FBSC) is a leading supplier of components and subcomponents for lawn & garden products. Our capability to create metal stamped parts and heat treated welded assemblies all under one roof allows us to meet the unique needs of the lawn & garden industry. FBSC creates steel parts and components for everything from push mowers to heavy tractors to complex agricultural machinery, meeting our clients’ exact specifications.

Our laser fabrication and sheet metal fabrication departments allows us to rapidly manufacture prototype components, which can then be moved into full production through either our metal stamping processes or our laser fabrication facility. Fisher Barton South Carolina’s state-of-the-art laser fabrication system can be run in lights out mode to reduce production costs while still producing top-quality components. Our flexible manufacturing system automates the entire process, from selection of the steel gauge used all the way through the final phases of fabrication.

FBSC’s tool & die shop helps maintain all the machinery, equipment and tools we need to manufacture our lawn & garden components and parts, keeping them running at peak efficiency. Our heat treatment capabilities allow us to provide higher quality, lighter weight components. With these services and more available in-house, Fisher Barton South Carolina is able to deliver the best parts and components with quick production times and at reasonable rates.

We have been very successful in reengineering existing designs for products in the lawn & garden industry. Fisher Barton South Carolina’s redesigns replace components in the original designs with heat treated welded assemblies, lowering the weight of the finished product and decreasing production costs. FBSC will work with you to optimize your designs and lower your manufacturing costs.

In addition to precision metal stampings, Fisher Barton South Carolina also manufactures various types of edger blades and bush hog blades. We also have the ability to coin components as part of the production of various blades and knives used in lawn & garden equipment. Using specialty boron-rich materials in our sheet metal fabrication processes, FBSC creates parts and components with superior wear resistance, strength, and durability.

Fisher Barton South Carolina manufactures some of the finest, most durable components and subcomponents available for the lawn & garden industry. Contact us to put FBSC to work for your lawn & garden manufacturing needs.