Lawn Mower Blade Manufacturing

Lawn mower blade quality measurement process

Fisher Barton provides unsurpassed quality in all components.

Advanced sensor technology for lawn mower blades

The most advanced manufacturing technology in the industry.

The FBSC facility is also the southern location of Fisher Barton Blades (FBBlades), the largest manufacturer of lawn mower blades in the southeast. The Fisher Barton Group as a whole is the largest lawn mower blade manufacturer in the United States. FBBlades specializes in start-to-finish lawn mower blade manufacturing—from the raw material stage to packaging completed blades for shipping. We do it all. In conjunction with our state-of-the-art metallurgy lab, Fisher Barton Blades creates the finest, safest, most practical lawn mower blades on the market today.

Lawn mower blade manufacturing at FBBlades is a multi-step process, utilizing some of the most advanced technology in the industry. Our facility employs progressive dies and progressive line dies, as well as automated servo feedline presses and equipment. From raw coil steel, we blank, form and mill our lawn mower blades to the most precise specifications. We then use computer-automated machinery to straighten and balance our mower blades with exact precision. From the simplest to the most complex lawn mower blade designs, Fisher Barton Blades is your number one source. Prototyping capabilities are also available.

All our lawn mower blades also go through our in-house austempering process to ensure superior quality. FBBlades has one of the largest austempering facilities in America. Austempering is a unique process that offers many benefits not associated with other conventional oil quench and temper methods for heat treating metal. Austempering leads to consistent, uniform hardness, greater wear resistance, higher impact and fatigue strengths, less distortion, and better resistance to hydrogen embrittlement. To further enhance the austempering process, FBBlades uses a patented, proprietary base material known as MARBAIN®. MARBAIN® is ideally suited for austempering, as its boron-rich composition allows for maximum through-hardness at incredibly high Rockwell hardness scale levels.

Fisher Barton Blades has outside partnerships to provide e-coating or powder coating for increased surface protection, component longevity and corrosion resistance of our lawn mower blades. This also allows us to meet any customer preference for color with our finished mower blades, for brand-recognition color coordination or other considerations.

Fisher Barton Blades utilizes Advance Sensor Technology in all tools & dies used in our stamping processes. Advance Sensor Technology helps us maintain higher operating speeds and stamp our components at higher rates and at higher quality. This Technology protects our machinery against malfunction and missed hits, which can cause damage to expensive tools & dies. It helps us reduce labor costs, while increasing part output and quality. Advance Sensor Technology is just one of many methods FBBlades uses to achieve a competitive advantage.

Fisher Barton Blades is the largest, most trusted lawn mower blade manufacturer in the southeast. Contact FBBlades today for more information about our industry-leading manufacturing process.