Materials Expertise

Scanning electron microscope for materials research

Fisher Barton offers unmatched expertise with industry-leading Materials Research Laboratory.

The Fisher Barton family of companies employs a team of metallurgists, working from our state-of-the-art Materials Lab in Watertown, Wisconsin. This group of experts allows Fisher Barton South Carolina (FBSC) to metallurgically engineer our materials and processes for optimum effectiveness. Our innovative metallurgical processes allow us to provide complete design assistance and be the most cost effective solution for our clients. FBSC specializes in superior production technology and processes for the creation of metal parts and components for nearly any industry.

Fisher Barton South Carolina’s patented MARBAIN® base material provides many advantages for customers who are looking for alternative material solutions. MARBAIN® offers increased levels of hardness, yield strength, impact toughness, bending resistance, and wear resistance. It also allows excellent cold formability and improved machinability, and is readily weldable.

Our state-of-the-art Materials Lab and expert metallurgy team allows FBSC to select the ideal material for each project. We work closely with integrated mills to guarantee steel quality, and have the ability to verify material chemistry in-house. This materials expertise also helps us excel in heat treating, material development, and alloy analysis. Our design, engineering, and materials expertise allows us to work closely with our customers in selecting new materials and creating new products.

FBSC’s team of metallurgists have identified the benefits of the austempering system we use for our in-house heat treatment processes. They’ve identified austempering’s superiority to traditional “quench and temper” heat treating: austempering offers greater hardness, greater ductility, significantly better wear resistance and lot-to-lot uniformity, and it eliminates quench cracks. Our metallurgical team recognizes austempering as perhaps the finest, most effective heat treating process available domestically.

Fisher Barton South Carolina has the capabilities, equipment, and expertise to provide our fabrication processes for a broad range of materials. These include:

  • All grades of steel
  • Stainless steel
  • High- and low-boron grade steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • and more—contact FBSC with inquiries about specialty materials

With our metallurgical expertise, heat treating capabilities, and experience working with a wide variety of materials, FBSC offers unrivaled sheet metal fabrication services. Contact Fisher Barton South Carolina for more details.