Sheet Metal Fabrication Services & Capabilities

Precision press brake bending gives you quality FBSC fabrications.

FBSC utilizes a state-of-the-art, 4000 watt, 4-axis Mazak laser cutting machine in our sheet metal fabrication processes. This highly automated machine operates on the latest computer software to devise optimum nest for any project, allowing it to cut the maximum number of parts from a single sheet of material and making it possible to cut multiple, differently shaped pieces from a single sheet. Computer-aided nesting decreases the volume of material needed, eliminates unnecessary scrap, and reduces production costs. FBSC’s Mazak machine can cut materials up to 1” in thickness, and its software and programming capabilities make it ideal for rapid prototyping.

Fisher Barton South Carolina’s Mazak metal fabrication machine includes a flexible manufacturing system (FMS) tower, which allows the machine to hold multiple gauges of material for use during a single production run. The FMS system also enables lights out operating capabilities. Once it’s programmed and the metal fabrication processes have begun, the Mazak machine can function with little to no operator involvement, completing production quickly and efficiently. This gives FBSC a unique competitive advantage in laser cutting technology for sheet metal fabrication.

Additionally, Fisher Barton South Carolina’s facility includes a technologically advanced 135-ton Durma press brake. With highly automated operation, auto back-gauging capabilities, and easy-in, easy-out modular tooling for reduced production times, it is perfectly suited for high precision brake press fabrication. FBSC’s Durma machine is designed to run at higher rates, and deliver more accurate production. Our wide range of available tooling for brake press fabrication allows for extremely tight radiuses and complex bending and forming for component manufacture.

Fisher Barton South Carolina’s world class sheet metal fabrication equipment and expert staff enable us to manufacture prototype components in quantities from one up to the thousands very rapidly and with superior repeatability. FBSC’s equipment is compatible with 2D and 3D software. All we need is a design print, and we will manufacture your part.

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