Custom Metal Stamping Services

FBSC provides large ton capacity and progressive die stamping.

Fisher Barton South Carolina (FBSC) is an industry leader in metal stampings. Our vast array of stamping presses, with up to 600-ton capacity, allows us to offer custom metal stamping services that other facilities can’t accommodate. No matter what your project’s requirements, FBSC’s metal stamping services can match your exact specifications.

FBSC operates one of America’s most diverse metal stamping facilities. Our custom metal stamping capabilities encompass a number of different materials, including copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and more. Our services utilize progressive tooling, deep-draw tooling, and other specialized processes to stamp out highly complex components with supreme precision and exceptional repeatability.

We have unique abilities that allow us to specialize in fabricating parts and components that require post-assembly procedures. Fisher Barton South Carolina offers custom metal stamping processes, in-house heat treating services, and other secondary services. FBSC can deliver welded assemblies, various subcomponents, and more, to meet the needs of any customer.

Fisher Barton South Carolina will work with you to fabricate parts and components from even your most complex designs. Our highly experienced engineering staff and in-house tool & die shop can offer assistance in every step of the process, to help devise the perfect custom metal stamping process for your project. Using state-of-the-art CNC machinery, FBSC’s tool & die shop can create custom stamping dies that will maximize the efficiency of the fabrication process, while maintaining the highest possible quality. Our tool & die shop’s superb capabilities ensure that any custom metal stamping project can be completed quickly and cost-effectively.

Because Fisher Barton can complete so many processes under one roof, we enjoy an extraordinary competitive advantage. Our heat treating processes, custom stamping dies, welding capabilities, and additional secondary services make us a true all-in-one fabrication facility. From the design stages to prototype component fabrication to full production runs, FBSC is one of the nation’s finest suppliers of custom metal stampings.

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