Modular Material Handling System Fabrications

Custom modular shelf bracket

Fisher Barton South Carolina produces high-volume components with progressive die technology.

Custom shelf bracket geometries

FBSC manufactures various bracket geometries.

Fisher Barton South Carolina (FBSC) plays a key role in the modular material handling systems industry. We produce high-volume components from any gauge material utilizing our progressive die technology. FBSC’s state-of-the-art facility allows us to manufacture high-volume, high-quality stamped metal parts with superb visual qualities.

FBSC’s semi- and fully-automated stamping presses run at high hourly stamping rates with little to no operator involvement, for greater efficiency and productivity, and lowered manufacturing costs. Our welded assembly processes are supremely efficient, thanks to robotic welders and automation systems. Fisher Barton South Carolina excels at creating the aesthetically pleasing precision stampings and weldments expected in the modular material handling industry.

Our in-house tool & die shop works to continually improve design processes both for our customers and for ourselves. Fisher Barton South Carolina’s tool & die team works with modular material handling industry engineers to improve existing designs and create redesigns to improve completed products’ functionality, efficiency, and manufacturability. Through outside partnerships, FBSC offers corrosion resistance for completed components with visually-pleasing zinc plating, nickel plating, electroplating or e-coating.

Fisher Barton South Carolina has a number of inventory programs available, including consignment, Kanban and more. We also kitting as a value-added service for the modular material handling industry. FBSC packages various parts together as kits for easier inventory management. Our inventory programs allow for superior flexibility for our modular material handling customers.

FBSC produces conventional parts in unconventional ways to meet the specific needs of our customers in the modular material handling industry. Our innovative technology, proven processes and superior customer service make us one of the industry’s leading manufacturers. When performance, quality, service and value are important, Fisher Barton South Carolina delivers. Contact us today for more information on our modular material handling manufacturing processes.