Customized Packaging & Delivery

Custom package and delivery, secondary metal stamping operations

Fisher Barton can package to your specific need.

Fisher Barton South Carolina (FBSC) offers several customized packaging and delivery programs for our customers. These secondary operations are a superb complement to our world-class precision metal stamping, heat treating, and other fabrication and production processes. This helps make FBSC an all-in-one facility with a unique competitive advantage.

We offer kitting services for our completed products. This customized packaging system puts all the parts and components needed to create a completed assembly into a single box, or “kit.” Combining all the necessary pieces into a single package makes shipping and after the fact assembly much easier.

FBSC also has a number of delivery and inventory programs available. Our Kanban system allows us to manufacture parts as-needed, in specified quantities, for our customers, and then ship those parts directly to third parties—our customers’ customers. By eliminating the step of shipping the parts to our customer, and the additional step of the customer then shipping the parts to their customers, delivery times are significantly reduced and efficiency is improved.

Fisher Barton South Carolina also has additional secondary operations available. Through outside partnerships, we can add a number of surface treatments to parts and components to give them additional value. FBSC can have your parts painted, electroplated, deburred, etc., and shipped directly to your customers, eliminating the need for additional handling on your end.

We are currently in the process of developing further customized packaging options for our customers’ completed parts. Fisher Barton South Carolina’s emerging solutions will offer complete packaging services to box or card completed products for retail sale, as well as other customizable options to meet our customers’ unique needs.

With our customized packaging and delivery programs, and other available secondary operations, FBSC can give added value to your completed parts and components. Contact us today for details on how our secondary operations can improve your products’ value.