Precision Metal Stamping Services

Precision Metal Stampings factory floor

Metal stamping from five pieces to 10 million.

Johansson tool & die design shop

FBSC guarantees the highest possible quality for all precision metal stampings.

Fisher Barton South Carolina (FBSC) offers precision metal stamping services in material thicknesses from 0.005” to 0.375” and widths up to 32”. We work with cold rolled steel, hard rolled steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and other specialty alloys. Our precision metal stamping processes employ our servo feed lines and progressive dies and our 32 in-house stamping presses, with stamping capacity up to 600 tons.

Our 94,000 square foot facility employs Fisher Barton South Carolina’s roughly one hundred staff members. Our precision metal stamping services can accommodate quantities from five pieces to 10 million. We have the capabilities for anything from component prototyping to high volume product launches. FBSC’s precision stampings also utilize our assembly and robotic MIG/TIG welding capabilities where necessary, allowing us to create value-added components.

FBSC provides progressive tooling, deep draw stamping, tube swaging, piercing, Tox Loc assembly and other processes for our precision metal stampings. Our various size presses offer a broad range of bed sizes and stroke heights, to create components to fit any specifications.

Our in-house tool & die shop maintains all our presses, machinery and tools for efficient operation and optimum quality of completed components. FBSC’s tool & die shop assists in component design to help create the most cost effective manufacturing process. We also have the capabilities for tool & die design, allowing us to create unique solutions for customer requirements or production problems. With many years of experience and state-of-the-art CNC machinery, Fisher Barton’s tool & die shop is an integral part of our precision stamping processes.

With our in-house austempering processes, we can deliver heat-treated components that feature greater structural strength, better overall quality, and lighter weight, for lower costs. Fisher Barton South Carolina offers inventory and Kanban programs, labeling systems with customer specific barcodes, and returnable container programs. Through our outside service partnerships, we offer electroplating, e-coating and powder coating for all our components.

Fisher Barton South Carolina is an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System registered company, guaranteeing the highest possible quality of all our precision metal stampings. We also have a fully-equipped, on-site quality assurance lab, including a programmable CMM. FBSC regularly conducts engineering reviews to help redesign and reduce the overall cost of our completed components.

At FBSC, we have implemented a Green Initiative to help us maintain a more environmentally-friendly facility. Our use of water soluble stamping oils and lubricants makes it easier for us to clean and properly dispose of our waste products. And, using the proper chemistries from the start has proven to create more effective finished components. Since the start of our Green Initiative, we’ve been able to triple our average production, while using only 1/3 the amount of cleaners.

Fisher Barton South Carolina is unique in our ability to design, prototype, and launch a heat treated, welded, precision metal stamping product, all from our single facility. FBSC can perform all these processes under one roof, giving us a unique competitive advantage over other facilities. We can complete your project, from start to finish, quickly and cost-effectively.

Fisher Barton South Carolina is the finest all-in-one production facility for precision metal stampings. Contact FBSC today to put our industry-leading production processes to work for you.