Metal Fabrication Production Capabilities

Progressive die stamping machine

FBSC progressive dies produce high volume components.

Laser Cell machinery

FBSC's Laser Cell offers prototype to production.

Progressive blanking with state of the art press brake equipment

Fisher Barton's 135-ton state-of-the-art press brake with auto back gauging.

In house heat treating metal machinery

High-volume, automated heat-treating in the premier facility in the SE United States.

High quality robotic welding components

FBSC's robotic welders offer consistent, quality welds.

Servofeed line equipment

FBSC's servofeed lines provide minimized process handling.

Assembled tiller tine

Assembled Parts

Fisher Barton South Carolina (FBSC) is one of the most diversified stamping facilities in the country. We offer a wide number of metal stamping, metal fabrication, and metal production services, as well as associated processes and secondary operations, all under one roof. Our all-in-one facility gives us a competitive advantage over other metal fabrication facilities. Our production capabilities include:

Metal Stamping: FBSC offers precision metal stamping and progressive die stamping services. Our state-of-the-art CNC metal stamping presses allow us to create even your most complex part designs with outstanding precision.

Laser Cutting: Using technologically advanced machinery and software, Fisher Barton South Carolina delivers high quality, high precision laser cut metal parts and components to match any customer specifications.

Metal Fabrication: We are one of America’s leading metal fabrication facilities. FBSC’s metal fabrication machinery includes a number of top-of-the-line brake presses with computer-automated operating systems that maximize efficiency and precision.

In-House Heat Treating: FBSC has the largest production capabilities for heat treating metal in the southeastern United States. Our austempering heat treatment process produces completed parts and components with better, more consistent hardness, greater wear resistance, higher impact and fatigue strengths, and many other unique advantages.

Robotic Welding: We use state-of-the-art robotic technology to perform MIG, TIG and resistance welds with superior precision and quality. Fisher Barton South Carolina’s robotic welding capabilities allow us to create highly complex parts and components for our customers.

Servo Feed Lines & Straighteners: Fisher Barton South Carolina utilizes servo feed lines & straighteners to ensure superior precision and efficiency for all of our production services. This equipment guarantees ideal feed speeds and perfect alignment for our progressive die stamping, metal fabrication, and other processes.

Assembly: FBSC can combine any number of our production services to create completed assemblies to match your unique specifications. By offering all of these outstanding processes in one location, Fisher Barton South Carolina can complete projects at very fast turnaround times while keeping overall production costs low.

Fisher Barton South Carolina’s variety of production capabilities enable us to complete any project, from component prototypes to high-volume production runs. From the simplest parts to the most complex, FBSC can create precision stamped, heat treated, welded assemblies with a number of value added secondary operations to give you the exact finished products you require. Contact us for more information, or for a cost estimate for your metal stamping or fabrication project.