Products & Services

Laser cutting machine in action

Laser-cutting provides precision even on complex geometry.

Automatic robotic welding

Consistent, high-quality robotic welding.

Automated austempering process

Fisher Barton South Carolina has the largest heat-treating production capabilities in the southeastern U.S.

Fisher Barton South Carolina (FBSC) offers a wide variety of outstanding services for custom sheet metal stamping and fabrication. Our state-of-the-art facility and experienced staff give us the ability to create precision stamped, welded, heat-treated components and assemblies with fast turnaround times and at low overall production costs.

FBSC’s primary fabrication specialty is precision metal stampings. We have 32 in-house stamping presses and capabilities to work with a broad selection of base materials, including our own patented, proprietary MARBAIN® material. Fisher Barton South Carolina’s metal stamping presses use the finest, most advanced software available to ensure exact precision to meet your project’s unique specifications. With our engineering and design assistance, we can help you take your product from the design stages and prototype creation to full production runs. Click here to learn more about our precision stamping services.

In addition to precision metal stampings, FBSC offers a number of additional services and secondary operations to add value to your products. We also perform laser cutting for superior precision on even the most complex part designs, robotic welding for fast production and strong, high quality welds, in-house heat treating to add strength and durability to stamped products, and many other incredibly useful services. The unique ability to offer all of these services under one roof gives Fisher Barton South Carolina a distinct competitive advantage over other metal stamping and fabrication facilities.

From the raw materials to packaging and shipping, FBSC is directly involved in the entire production process, providing a broad array of products for a number of industries. Our computer automated machinery, world-class manufacturing processes and technologically advanced equipment allows us to create parts, components and assemblies that adhere to the tightest tolerances to meet any requirements. From prototype parts to production runs in volumes up to the millions of pieces, Fisher Barton South Carolina is your number-one source for precision stamping and fabrications, adding value with welding, heat treating, and other value added services, for applications in automotive, lawn & garden, agriculture, and countless other industries.

From the smallest and simplest parts to the largest and most complex, from prototypes and low volume orders to full production runs, Fisher Barton South Carolina can do it all. Contact us today to learn more or to receive a custom quote for your metal fabrication and manufacturing project.