Other Resources

In addition to our industry-leading metal stamping, metal fabrication, and other production processes, Fisher Barton South Carolina (FBSC) has several additional resources at our disposal. These resources add another level of quality and excellence to our completed parts and components. FBSC’s additional resources give us a unique competitive advantage.

Fisher Barton South Carolina’s materials and metallurgical expertise allow us to specially engineer our materials and production processes to perfectly fit the needs of our customers. Our team of metallurgists has created a patented base material (MARBAIN®) that is ideal for use in a wide variety of our production processes. They’ve also perfected our austempering heat treatment process, to give our precision metal stamped and fabricated parts and components superior strength and durability. Click here to learn how our materials and metallurgical expertise benefits our customers. Click here to learn more about the benefits of our unique MARBAIN® base material and our austempering processes.

Our in-house tool & die shop performs a number of useful services. Utilizing superior technology operated by an experienced staff, FBSC’s tool & die shop designs and manufactures all of the tools and dies we need for our customers’ custom metal stamping and fabrication projects. Our tool & die shop also maintains all of our production equipment, as well as our in-die sensor program, to ensure that all our machinery operates at maximum efficiency and with ideal precision. Click here for more information about Fisher-Barton South Carolina’s in-house tool & die shop, and how they help us maintain our high levels of excellence.

FBSC’s customized packaging and delivery programs are the final touch for our production processes. We offer kitting services to package all the necessary parts and components for a completed assembly in one box, for easy, efficient shipping and handling. Fisher Barton South Carolina’s Kanban and other inventory delivery programs minimize shipping times and eliminate unnecessary handling between our customers and their customers. Click here for additional information on the benefits of our customized packaging and delivery programs.

Fisher Barton South Carolina is your number one source for high quality, high precision stamped and fabricated metal parts and components. Offering these other resources in addition to our world-class production processes makes FBSC a unique, all-in-one facility. Contact us today for more information, or for a custom cost estimate for your next project.