Robotic Welding & Weldment Services

FBSC offers MIG, TIG, and resistance welding capacity.

Superior robotic welding capabilities give Fisher Barton South Carolina (FBSC) a unique advantage in fabricating parts and components that require MIG, TIG, or resistance welding processes. Our state-of-the-art robotics offer an efficient solution for creating strong, high quality welds.

FBSC’s exceptional robotic welding systems allow us to weld multiple parts and components at once. Our facility utilizes Panasonic 6-axis and ABB 6-axis robotic welders to create uniform weldments for prototypes or full production runs with supreme speed, precision, and quality. Fisher Barton South Carolina also offers robotic welding service for resistance, projection and spot welding, as well as hand welding services.

Our robotic welding services deliver outstanding added value for our machined parts and components, and allows FBSC to offer complete welded assemblies in high volumes with fast turnaround times, and at competitive rates. By eliminating the need to send the fabricated parts to another facility for welding, Fisher Barton South Carolina’s robotic welding service helps speed up our customers’ overall production processes, and decrease their production costs.

Combining our robotic welding, metal fabrication, and in-house heat treating services enables Fisher Barton South Carolina to produce even the most complex components for our customers. Our all-in-one production capabilities give us an outstanding competitive advantage over similar facilities. FBSC offers start-to-finish services to deliver our customers’ components in quantities from one into the millions, at low prices.

FBSC’s robotic welding services are just one of the many secondary operations we have available to help us produce parts and components to meet your projects exact specifications. Contact Fisher Barton South Carolina to put our robotic welding capabilities to work for you, and to learn more about our full-service production facility.