Advanced Sensor Servo Feed Line Technology

FBSC automated straightening produces consistent straight blades.

FBSC's servofeed lines can handle various material thicknesses and widths.

Fisher Barton South Carolina (FBSC) utilizes the finest technology and equipment available to perform our metal fabrication and other processes. Top-of-the-line servo feed lines and straighteners help us ensure the highest quality of our machined parts and components, as well as quick, efficient, cost-effective production.

FBSC’s computer-automated servo feed lines maintain optimum feed speeds for the metals and raw materials entering our fabrication machinery. As coiled steel is fed into our presses, progressive dies, and transfer dies, the advanced sensor technology of our servo feed lines guarantees that the material remains perfectly aligned. This helps eliminate misstamped parts and reduces material waste and scrap. Fisher Barton South Carolina’s servo feed lines deliver the smoothest possible transition of raw materials from the coil to our machinery, for maximum efficiency even at high stamping rates.

Our straighteners and straightening services provide perfect precision of our completed parts and components. Fisher Barton South Carolina’s computer-aided straighteners are used to test and adjust our lawn mower blades for 100% accuracy and straightness. With our straightening equipment, we can ensure that our raw materials are perfectly flat, smooth, and even prior to fabrication. Both these processes help FBSC achieve exceptional efficiency in our progressive die stamping and other fabrication processes, and help keep material waste to a minimum.

Fisher Barton South Carolina’s servo feed lines and straighteners allow us to maintain the highest standards of quality, and keep our fabrication processes operating at optimum efficiency. Contact FBSC today to learn more.