In House Tool & Die Design


CAD tool & die design

FBSC computer-aided design assistance.

Precision tool & die making process

FBSC precision die making

Completed die design

FBSC finished die block

Our tool & die department

FBSC staffs experienced tool and die makers to provide quick turnaround die maintenance.

Fisher Barton South Carolina (FBSC) has many years’ experience with in-house tool & die design. We also have the ability to manufacture these designs in-house. This allows us to complete customer projects in faster production times and with greater customization capabilities. It also allows for greater manageability of any design changes that may occur before or during the production process.

Our expert tool & die shop staff maintains all of our presses and machinery to ensure optimum quality of our finished parts. FBSC’s in-house tool & die design also gives us the ability to work with our customers to create solutions to production problems with unique design and manufacturability enhancements. Our in-house tool & die design capabilities allow us to create the most manufacturable components in the most cost-effective ways.

FBSC’s in-house tool & die shop also maintains our advanced in-die sensor program.

This advanced sensor program reduces labor while increasing the output of our equipment. Our tool & die design services utilize state-of-the-art CNC machinery and a 24-hour support staff. We use the most advanced AutoCAD software available to ensure superior precision for all our design and manufacturing processes, to create the highest quality parts. Our tool & die shop also runs a complete tool maintenance program which greatly extends the life of our tools and machinery. 

Fisher Barton South Carolina’s highly skilled tool & die design staff is an integral part of our facility’s success. To maintain the excellence of this valuable asset, FBSC has an apprenticeship program in place. This ensures that the knowledge and skills of our tool & die team will be passed on to new members of the FBSC team, helping us maintain our world-class staff.

 Our in-house tool & die shop is one of many unique competitive advantages that put Fisher Barton South Carolina head and shoulders above other metal fabrication facilities. Contact us today to learn more about our in-house tool & die design capabilities and the many other fantastic services we have to offer.